Your next storytelling adventure!

We are currently programming the workshops for 2019 and will have information ready in the next few days. If you want to be amongst the first to hear click on the facebook button or the update sign up which you’ll find the right of the page if you’re on your desktop or the bottom if you’re on your phone.

If you are new to Bleddfa have a look at the participant feedback pages to see the kind of experience you can expect. Click on the links below or use the menu navigation to look around and if you do have any questions please feel free to email me.

The Bleddfa Week of Storytelling full information coming soon

Storytelling Performance Intensive  full information coming soon

Looking forward to welcoming you to Bleddfa!

some photos from previous courses…

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2 thoughts on “Your next storytelling adventure!

  1. Hi.
    Please do inform me of your wonderful events . I am a trainee Dramatherapist , would find storey telling teaching a big benefit to my practice.

    Have a wonderful week

    Warmest of wishes
    Amanda Spice

    • Hi Amanda – there are a couple of options to keep yourself updated. You can either click the facebook button which will get you news about courses at Bleddfa or if you want to receive news about all my courses you can click on the following link and sign up (and unsubscribe at any time) Do get back on touch if you have any questions. Best wishes – Michael

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